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Fucking new news post.

2012-07-15 22:13:24 by MrSaint

Because fuck you

Oh my, the redesign is here.

2012-02-08 11:30:44 by MrSaint

This is so awesome, guys.

<3 Tom and the crew

Um... Wow! Oh!

2011-11-27 15:43:58 by MrSaint

You came here, whoa! If you managed to find the time to visit my page, why won't you leave a comment...Please? D:

News post

2011-06-03 17:22:10 by MrSaint

Yo, this is a new news post, because the one before became old.

Happy Birthday to me!

2011-04-05 12:25:30 by MrSaint

So today I turned 16.

I doubt that any of you care, but whatever


2011-02-17 15:10:43 by MrSaint

I'm loving it

EDIT: But sometimes I just don't

A New Year.

2011-01-04 18:03:17 by MrSaint

And new things to take care off. I have some plans for this year.

First of all is to successfully to pass my exams.

And second is to continue playing guitar and get better at it. And of course, upload more audio to Newgrounds.

There are more things I want do this year, but those are the main ones I want to do.

Have a good year people,


A news post.

2010-07-08 10:52:07 by MrSaint

Leave a comment, please.

Haiti Project.

2010-01-17 14:59:12 by MrSaint

NOTICE Sign up is closed. We have enough members. NOTICE

You probably know what happened in Haiti, a very terrible earthquake. Many deaths and a lot of people left without homes. A horrible situation.

If you heard that, then you know that many people are donating money, to help the Haiti people. The Audio Forum also decided to make a donation.

To be short, the project is called "Haiti Relief", and it will be an album, which we will try to sell, and all the profit will be sent to help the Haiti people.

Idea was suggested by ZStriefel and was strongly supported by the Newgrounds Audio Community.

This idea, is a great one, most of us can't straightly donate and if some of us have an oppurtunity, then it wouldn't be too much money. The album would help us to make a donation.

For more information check:
A web-page which was set up, to show the main goals of the project. Will be updated with the latest news.
Sign up thread in Audio Forums. More information there.

Note: After posting in the sign-up thread, YOU MUST SEND A PM to loansindi, finalazing your decision of joining the "Haiti Relief" Project.

P.S. loansindi and Mich are the brave chaps who are managing the project, so don't worry, the project is in good hands.

Happy Halloween.

2009-10-31 15:22:28 by MrSaint

Congratulations to all of you Newgrounders. Have a great holiday!

Today me and my friend submitted our new flash movie, Bros' Problems Halloween. We got the idea to make it somewhere in the begining of October, but started working only today! So we did everything and submitted on the same day. Hopefully our movie is good enough.

I am planning to make a game or a movie on my own, without my buddy sooner or later. Because we only submitted movies, which we did together.

Once again, Happy Halloween.